About me:

Hello! My name is Poptart, also known as Pop, Poppy, Popstar or really anything with a big POP! I was born in Greece and had a rough start, got in some fights and unfortunately caught FIV+ blood disease. I was taken in by a Greek lady who took me to a relocation shelter. After that, at 7 months, I moved to the Netherlands to meet my new family with Melisa and her girlfriend Olivia. I am now 1 year old and I love my family ❤️

What I hear a lot from humans: “Poptart no, don’t eat my plants!”, “Goodie!”, “Baddie!”, “Poptart, why are you so long?”, “Poptart, why is your butt so big? Did you get a BBL!?”

❤️ Things I love:

😠 Things I dislike:

My Breed: Cat